Retractable Flexi Leashes show Dogs to pull

I’m personally not a fan of retractable Flexi leashes for a lot of dogs because Flexi leashes show dogs to pull.

I love to make fun of people who walk their dogs on these things.

You know, when someone’s trying to “reel in” his 100-pound German shepherd or when his Yorkie gets caught around two mailboxes and the pet dog has no idea how to back up.

হাস্যকর জিনিস.

However, That Mutt is open to different training tools, and I know lots of people use this type of leash with a lot of success.

I would much rather have a pet dog choose a walk on a retractable leash than no walk at all.

I’ll get into some pros and cons of retractable leashes and why I think they’re a poor choice for a lot of situations (but not all).

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What is a retractable leash?
Flexi leash vs. other brands
Alternatives to a retractable leash
Cons of retractable leashes
Pros of retractable leashes
How retractable leashes show dogs to pull
Injuries caused by retractable leashes
Safety ideas for using a retractable leash
How to fix a Flexi leash

What is a retractable leash?

A retractable leash is a leash that extends/retracts from a coil out to about 25 feet, depending on the certain leash. You know, like a tape measure! Or a yo-yo!

Retractable leash

They usually have a bulky, plastic manage that stores the leash while it’s coiled up. The manage usually has a “brake/release” button.

Some retractable leashes are made of a nylon ribbon-like material. Others are made of a very thin cord.

Here is a picture of Mighty Paw’s retractable leash:

Mighty Paw retractable leash

Flexi retractable leashes vs. other brands

The Flexi retractable leash is a brand of retractable leash that is made in Germany and sold all over the world.

If you are going to use a retractable leash, you can’t go wrong with the original Flexi brand.

Flexi retractable leash

Flexi leashes range in price on Amazon from $15 to about $32 depending on the size and certain design.

There are many, lots of other brands that have created their own retractable leash. There are limitless choices, and regrettably lots of are very low-cost and will break easily.

I worked as a pet dog walker for lots of years and I saw a lot of very poorly designed, cheap, retractable leashes that would not lock appropriately and the thin cord would get caught up in knots, causing the whole product to malfunction.

The only other brand I recommend besides the original Flexi brand is Mighty Paw’s retractable leash. They’ve recently released an improved 2.0 version that has gotten good reviews.

Mighty Paw retractable leash 2.0

This is not to say Mighty Paw’s retractable leash is necessarily better than others but it is the only brand I have used successfully other than Flexi. Both of these hold up over time.

No matter what brand you choose to buy, I highly recommend you read several reviews.

And to be clear, I normally do NOT recommend retractable leashes of any brand. I just know how popular these leashes are, especially with first-time pet dog owners or owners of small dogs. If you’re going to use one, opt for the best quality.

Alternatives to a retractable Flexi leash

ইহা সাধারণ:

Walk your pet dog on a conventional 6-foot leash!

A conventional 6-foot leather or nylon leash will give you the most control while walking nearly any pet dog or puppy.

I personally like a leather leash due to the better grip. Nylon leashes tend to slide in my hands and that’s not optimal for controlling my strong sporting breeds. Nylon or rope leashes can also give you rope burn.

A good-quality leather leash must last decades and there are limitless brands to choose from.

Benefits of a conventional 6-foot leash for pet dog walking

Easy to grip: standard leashes have a loop on the manage so it’s easy to hold the leash and you’re less likely to drop the leash. leather is soft in your hands and doesn’t give you rope burn.

You can use two hands: You can easily hold the loop with one hand and then get hold of additionally down on the leash with the other as needed for a lot more control.

(You can’t use two hands for holding a retractable leash. Grabbing the thin cord piece of a retractable leash is pretty useless and could give you rope burn.)

Pros and cons of retractable leashes

Let’s get into some severe pros and cons of retractable leashes. I’ll start with some cons, followed by the benefits of a retractable leash. কারণ সেখানেgenuinely are some benefits to them too! They’re not entirely bad.

6 cons of retractable leashes

Ace with his retractable leash

1. Retractable leashes cause injuries to people and dogs.

Most of us have heard about someone getting caught up in the thin cord of a retractable leash and getting cut or rope burn.

Dogs can also get caught up in them. This could be the pet dog attached to the leash or a pet dog that crosses that dog’s path.

I know I’ve been out hiking or biking lots of times only to be approached by someone with a pet dog on a fully extended Flexi leash.

Usually, the owner just stands there with 20 feet of tight leash – a tripwire – with a yapping pet dog on one end! It’s hard to go around a 20-foot cord when you’re taking care of traffic and other pedestrians. কি একটা দুঃস্বপ্ন.

There have been some serious, severe injuries caused by retractable leashes, which I will get into a lot more later. Yes, any type of leash can cause injuries but retractable leashes are even worse.

2. Retractable leashes give you less control of your dog.

For evident reasons, retractable leashes must never be used in congested areas such as a vet’s office, a pet store or busy walking paths unless the pet dog is 99% reliably trained. (Which a lot of are not, let’s be honest.)

People have a hard enough time controlling their dogs while out and about on roads and sidewalks.

We’ve all been there … you’re out walking your pet dog only to glance up and see a gigantic goldendoodle charging at you on a retractable leash!

I was out biking recently with my pet dog at my side. A few blocks ahead of us, one of those “doodles” on a retractable leash nearly got away from her owner who actually yelled at me to “hold on!” as though my pet dog and I were the problem.

We just quietly continued on our way. My pet dog was focused on running with me as the doodle barked and pulled on its “yo-yo” leash. The dog’s owner was unable to pull her back.

My dogs, Remy & Ace

3. Flexi leashes show dogs to pull.

I’ll get into a lot more details later on why Flexi leashes show dogs to pull. It’s absolutely one of the most common problems with Flexi leashes.

Basically, the a lot more the pet dog pulls, the a lot more leash the pet dog is given. If the person is reluctant to allow the leash to extend, the pet dog pulls even harder until the owner gives in and allows a lot more leash.

For this reason, I do not recommend walking your new puppy on a Flexi leash because it sets the puppy up for bad habits.

4. Retractable leashes are not optimal for big dogs.

I’m always shocked to see people walking German shepherds, Labs and even huskies – a breed bred to pull – on Flexi leashes.

Obviously, if your large pet dog is well trained, then a Flexi leash can be a affordable option. but we all know how the average pet dog behaves …

5. Flexi leashes are awkward to hold.

Flexi leashes are made of solid CHUNK of plastic and you have to keep your hand securely around it to avoid dropping it.

Since a lot of dogs are allowed to pull while on a retractable leash, the person need to keep a tight grip the whole time. When the leash is tight, the pet dog will usually try to resist the tension by pulling harder.

I like to walk dogs on a loose leash.

When the pet dog and I are in sync, I could literally hold the 6-foot leash with my pinky finger because we are in a zone, walking at the same kicked back pace. If I were to drop the leash, the pet dog wouldn’t notice or care because the tension wouldn’t change.

With a retractable leash, this is nearly impossible because it’s not easy to maintain a light grip.

6. Dogs aren’t safe on a Flexi leash.

When a pet dog is on a fully extended retractable leash, they can get hit by a automobile or hit by a biker or get in the way of another pet dog at a blind intersection.

It’s not easy for a lot of people to “reel” a pet dog in swiftly on a retractable leash, especially if the pet dog is in any way excitable or reactive around other dogs.

Funny thing is, retractable leashes are a lot more popular in urban areas where there is a lot more congestion and foot traffic. now that I’ve moved to a a lot more rural area in Montana, I really don’t see retractable leashes much at all.

7. It’s harder to walk two dogs together.

আমি জানি আমি জানি. It can be done, and there are a few duos that I’ve walked together on retractable leashes. but it does become a lot more difficult, for example, if you want to step both dogs to one side as you’re passing other dogs.

Or, if you need to stop and pick up after them, it’s just so much much easier to hold two leather leashes in one hand (while you’re bent over picking up poop) than it is to hold two blocks of plastic in one hand.

If your dogs have solid obedience skills, then this is a non-issue.

8 pros of retractable leashes

Now, there is a time and a place for all pet dog training/walking tools. here are some good examples where a retractable leash is helpful:

Molly walks nicely on a retractable leash

1. Retractable leashes give well-behaved dogs a lot more freedom.

This is the most evident benefit of a retractable leash. It allows you to give your pet dog a lot more freedom to move, sniff and just be a pet dog while having the safety of still being on a leash.

For well-behaved dogs who are under control, this is a terrific option.

Use a regular, 6-foot leash for walks and training until your pet dog is trained to heel or walk on a loose leash. Then, a retractable leash is terrific for the ideal scenarios for dogs who are well trained.

I will be the first to admit that a retractable leash is NOT a good option for my own dog, Remy! He is just too strong and excitable.

2. Flexi leashes are terrific for exercising a pet dog who can’t be off leash.

I would’ve loved to have this leash for my last foster dog. Lana really needed off-leash playtime, and I was unable to supply that for her. It was not safe to allow her off leash because she didn’t have the training.

I ran with her every morning for exercise, but a retractable leash would’ve helped supply my foster dog with additional exercise and playtime. I could’ve found some quiet, open areas to take her such as a softball field or soccer field while not in use.

Another benefit: A retractable leash allows a person with limited physical mobility to supply his pet dog with a lot more freedom.

3. use a Flexi leash for training a pet dog to stay.

I know some obedience instructors who like to use retractable leashes when teaching dogs to stay.

I like a 6-foot leather leash or a long 50-foot rope, but I can see why a retractable leash would be a lot more convenient, assuming your pet dog is not going to lunge or bolt.

If that happens, it’s much much easier to re-gain control with a 6-foot leash vs. a retractable leash.

Trying to re-gain control of a lunging pet dog on a retractable leash can be like reeling in a zoo animal with a yo-yo.

4. use a Flexi leash to show a pet dog to come when called.

Again, I like to drag a long leash while training basic obedience like stay and come. However, some people might like a retractable leash for whatever reason. Do any of you use one for this type of training? আমাকে জানতে দিন এই কমেন্টে.

5. Retractable leash for transitioning your pet dog to heeling off leash.

This is my favorite benefit about the leash because I’m such a training nut:

The retractable leash allowed me to work with my previous pet dog Ace who was well trained. using the retractable leash unlocked made it as though he was “off leash” because there could be no tension from me (unless I switched it back to the locked position for safety reasons).

This allowed my pet dog to make choices and it forced me to communicate with energy and sound vs. tugging him along. It really improved our relationship and prevented me from being lazy in my training.

6. Retractable leashes at the pet dog beach.

We used to live near an off-leash pet dog beach, however dogs were required to be leashed in the summer. I had typically wished for a retractable leash to give my pet dog Ace a lot more freedom for swimming and playing fetch.

Retractable leashes are great for checking out the beach or lake in general because you can let your pet dog swim on a leash without getting in the water yourself!

7. Flexi leashes for camping and other adventures.

A retractable leash would be great to keep in your automobile for various adventures where a leash is required such as hiking trails or national parks.

Of course, this is only a good idea for trained, well-behaved dogs and on large paths or forest roads. A retractable leash is

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